The Connection of Mind and Body to Detox

The mind-body connection to addiction may open up new forms of drug-free detox treatments. The breakthrough was discovering that certain drug (opiate) receptors in the brain are only found in humans and different types of animals that have spines or back bones. Specific (limbic) systems that control emotions in the brain are affected by stimulating these drug receptors. Drugs stimulate these receptors but so does physical movement.

What is a detox diet?

A detox diet is thought to strengthen organs involved in detox and promote the excretion of stored toxins through the organs of elimination: the skin, intestines, liver, lungs, kidneys and lymphatic system. A detox diet program may include a special diet, herbs and supplements, hydrotherapy, exercise, breathing techniques and/or sauna.

Think about all the toxins we are constantly pumping into our bodies and it’s pretty obvious that the detox system could do with a helping hand. Symptoms that it is functioning badly include: tiredness, dark circles under the eyes, dull skin and bad digestion.

Detox Hot Tips

1. Reduce caffeine and alcohol intake a few days before you start;
2. Buy a detox book or pick out some tasty recipes to cook so you don’t get stuck for ideas;
3. Go shopping in advance – with the right foods at hand you shouldn’t go hungry;
4. Tell all your friends and family what you are doing in advance. If they know how serious you are they are less likely to try and force feed you a pint/bar of chocolate/Sunday roast when you next see them;

Who shouldn’t detox?

If you have any history of cancer, kidney, liver, heart disease or any other disease, are pregnant or under 16, do not contemplate detoxing without talking to your doctor.

Fresh Vegetables

All fresh vegetables except corn, which can be an allergenic food. Great detox foods include broccoli, cauliflower, broccoli sprouts, onions, garlic, artichokes, beets, red and green vegetables.

Where to Find a Free Detox Diet Plan?

Heard about a free detox diet plan? Are you wondering if there is such a thing? Well, in today’s highly competitive world, things that are given for free are too seldom. Detox is not an exemption to that fact. However, although it seems to be so impossible to be true, a free detox diet plan still exists to provide people the chance to experience detoxification in the best possible way, dieting.

But the question now is that where exactly you can find a free detox diet plan?

A free detox diet plan can be obtained from a number of sources. A friend who has been using a detox diet can be one of your best resources. So if you have a friend who has been practicing it, just try asking for some ideas and recommendations. I’m sure he or she would be happy to help you obtain a better healthy and a toxic-free body.

You can also obtain a free detox diet plan by reading diet books. Yes, you heard me right. Diet books are available anywhere in the world these days. You probably can find them in your own library, or in your friend’s book shelves. Also, detox diet books are available at some of the major bookstores in your area. All you need to do if you find one of them is to simply know everything about detoxification. Learn its basics, including its methods, treatment and side effects. Make sure to understand every detail presented and note every important aspect of the diet.

Learning the basics and everything about detox diet can be a great move to take for obtaining a free detox diet plan. This is for the reason that if you know what and how a detox diet works to make a person healthy, it’s no surprise that you can do your own detox diet plan. Yes, if the experts can, why can’t you? Obtaining a free detox diet plan in this sense simply takes learning and understanding.

Finally, a free detox diet plan can be obtained from certain sites on the web featuring detox diet as their primarily content. However, just note that finding them can be a bit difficult with only few resources out there offering such opportunity. But if you are lucky enough, you can find the right site easily in just a matter of clicks. Just use the search engines you think are great enough to be used as your main resource. Why not consider Google or Yahoo! perhaps?